Essay on 'Child Labor'

Essay on Child Labor

Child Labor

Children are always innocent and they are like the buds of flowers. Playing, singing, learning, eating, clothing and getting love are the inherent rights of the every child. When a child is deprived of these facilities and does hard labor for livelihood that is child labor. They are mainly involved in agriculture, household works, trade, construction works, factories, transportation, collecting waste materials and so on.

The main cause of child labor is poverty. Children are compelled to work to supplement the income of the family. Family disputes and lack of proper affection of their parents also lead children to town and join hard labor. Illiteracy and discrimination of castes are also possible causes of child labor.

Although many national and international agencies are activating their efforts to abolish child labor, it is still increasing in practice. To eliminate child labor, mainly two things: awareness and ample opportunities of employment should be provided to the people.

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