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Teach Sansar being one of the technology leading company in Nepal provides the following wide range of IT, Web, Multimedia and Graphic Solutions. (alert-success)

Web Design & Redesign

Web design is the skill of designing presentations of content (usually hypertext or hypermedia) that is delivered to an end-user through the world wide web using HTTP protocol by way of a web browser or other Web-enabled software like Internet television clients, microblogging clients, and RSS readers. (getButton) #text=(Learn More) #icon=(link) #size=(0)

CMS Development & Training

A Content Management System (CMS) is a set of tools that lets you create and maintain your website's content without knowing anything about programming, design, or HTML. To use a Content Management System you don’t have to be a technical person or have any prior experience in web designing! Now imagine you will be able to achieve the following all by yourself or by somebody who is responsible for the website within your organization through a very easy to use browser-based dashboard. (getButton) #text=(Learn More) #icon=(link) #size=(0)

Web Promotion, SEO Service & SEO Training

Having a great-looking website is essential for any business, but a great website is useless if no-one sees it! ‘Search engine optimization (known as ‘SEO’) is an iterative process which improves your website’s ranking and positioning in search engine results. Search engine optimization is a process that helps to promote your website in the search engine to influence new visitors and maximize the business transaction. It’s an online marketing tool that drives traffic to your website. We give you free, premium & reliable SEO service and training. (getButton) #text=(Learn More) #icon=(link) #size=(0)

Logo Design Service

A logo is the most repeated and constantly displayed symbol of business which can make one's business. It's on letterhead, website, business cards, product and much more for the business companies to represent. It's your "brand" and it's an inseparable part of your business. In the current context marketing trend, branding and identity are two of the most powerful and important tools to enhance the marketing program. We design your brand logo at very cheap price. (getButton) #text=(Learn More) #icon=(link) #size=(0)

Graphics & Banner Design (Flash & GIF Animated)

TeachSansar.com is also working as the web and graphic design company, actively involved in creating high quality, affordable and professionally made banner design and other custom web graphics services including animated and static GIF and JPEG web ads in all web sizes and for all web advertising requirements. We develop banners for personal as well as business websites and blogs and the ads can come in a variety of formats and styles. We will create unique, high-impact banners fully custom for you. (getButton) #text=(Learn More) #icon=(link) #size=(0)

Free & Premium Web Hosting

TeachSansar.com provides free unlimited hosting for a person with a free subdomain. Our affordable premium hosting plan makes the best place to host your small business, website, e-commerce website, corporate website, dedicate website. (getButton) #text=(Learn More) #icon=(link) #size=(0)

Domain Register & Transfer

A domain name is the essence of your company’s online identity. Any domain can have a combination of services including world wide web (i.e. www.yourdomain.com). It highlights the organization type and the mission. We help to get your desired domain name registration and management panel at very cheap price in comparison to other domain registration companies operating in Nepal. We are register .com, .org, .net, .biz, .info and 200+ gTLDs and ccTLDs.
Domain transfer refers to the transfer of your existing domain from one registry to another registry. We help you to transfer your domain to us or our partner register to do all the best for you. (getButton) #text=(Learn More) #icon=(link) #size=(0)

Online Job & Training

We have years of experience & we have done very hard work to create the best training with very simple instructions so that you can earn better extra income working in part-time or even a great full-time income. You can get online job and training with us. (getButton) #text=(Learn More) #icon=(link) #size=(0)

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