Essay On "The Position Of Women In Our Society"


The position of women in Nepal is found to have differed from one generation to another. In days of yore, they were given the subordinate treatment in spite of the respect given to mothers and sisters. The ruling class regarded them as a mere thing to yield pleasure to men. They were deprived of education because the guardians did not think it necessary. they were considered as the machines to serve the man and bear children to him. There used to be Sati System in which the wives of the dead husbands had to burn alive on the same funeral pyres where the dead-bodies were placed. Gradually with every decade that passed away, the outlook towards women changed bringing about the improvement in their situation.

As a result, presently they are equal to men in every walk of life. In the field of education, they have proved that they can be second to none. They have been successful as men in every profession. One can cite thousands of examples of women being the lead as doctors, engineers, lecturers, etc. The new constitution of Nepal has granted equal status to them. If they are given unfair treatment on account of their sex, they can invoke the law of the country for justice. The Government is supposed to preserve their fundamental rights. Like men, they can have property in their names. Gone are the days when they were treated as slaves.

Unfortunately, they are still victimized in the conservative circles. In respect of their right for legal inheritance, they are found lagging behind. The representative-body of parliament has not yet suggested any solution to this achievement. Undoubtedly, the day will come in Neal when parents count their daughters on the same footing as their Sons.

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